Use AND for filters in filter menus

It would be great to have a filter menu item that had multiple filters applied.

For example:

Past Due Date - filter would be [due date is before current time] AND [link is blank]

That way it would only show ones that don't have a link and due date is past.

Unfortunately, this is one reason I will be moving away from Knack.  It's odd that it was never implemented as it seems like a pretty basic function.

Totally agree with Max. Many basic items still remain from years of asking but yet they focused on the new builder. I hope it is worth it as far as new functionality and fixing all the bugs.

Why is this not a feature? Things like this really make Knack a "light" database app. Fix the basics!

This is an extremely critical feature to allow for complex Boolean logical expressions (i.e. nested ANDs and ORs).  Please move this to the top of the list to make Knack a legitimate relational database engine.

Still would like to see this as a feature.

Any update ?

Is there any update on this? Would be super helpful to be able to have multiple filter conditions in a filter menu.

 I agree, I want it to count days away but if those days away cross the start or end date it ignores them

In addition to the above comments, we also need the "CONTAINS" option in the filter to enable a keyword search rather than defaulting to your picklist options if the field in question is a multiple choice field.  

Right now the only way to get around it is to filter by the desired parameters, submit the filter, then use the keyword search box in the table view.  Please revisit the filtering logic ASAP as it will dramatically improve the product offering for those of us using the app as a database.

For reference, here's the Layered Filters post mentioned above.

This issue has already been captured in "Layered Filters + AND/OR" and is more accurately described in that thread as well.

I suggest closing this feature request and keeping "Layered Filters + AND/OR" as a placeholder instead.  You need to have the ability to filter based on AND as well as OR operators, rather than just having options be all AND or all OR.


All filters already work as AND's as default behaviours. what we really need is OR's and a way of nesting them.

Is this still a "Planned" feature? Having an "And/Or" option for Filter Menu criteria would be great. One criteria sometimes isn't enough.
See mockup below:

I am glad to see that this is planned!

Yes, I'm confused by the filtering vs. rules. I tried adding two things to the filter area and came up with no results. I removed one of the filter things and my results showed up. I would at least like to be pointed to the explanation about the differences. This will make a huge impact on my client/boss as well. Thanks!

I've just noticed that this is "Planned" - but looking at the roadmap ( it's not there. Can somebody update?


(I think this post is related as well…)

Having the ability to allow end users to switch between AND/OR (ANY/ALL) search logic would make a huge difference to our app, and it's a feature that I'm regularly asked for by our users.

I agree.  I need this as well.  I wish you could use the same "filter groups" logic in the data source section as you can with filter buttons on the interface.

I know you can build filters with AND in the builder on the record level on the object but I want to build filter menu items on the interface for views. Have you figured out a way to do that?