Display Rules: add "AND/OR" or "ANY/ALL" to logic

As a Knack Builder I would like the ability to set and use rules that use both AND and OR in the same filter so that I can allow users to more dynamically display the correct records they need to see.

Scenario 1: For Form Display Rules, I would like to set "if ANY or ALL of the following are true" to be able to more easily see checkbox lists and hide or show dependent form fields.

Scenario 2: I have a scheduled task that needs to send emails based on a WHEN of "date is today" and "status is pending OR status is open". Currently I need to set up these as two different tasks because I cannot have this OR criteria.

I am experiencing this pain as well.  We need this feature


Can this please be added

Five years later... can we please see this added? I'm having to build the majority of my page rules in Javascript instead.

I've got a really complex form and without the AND/OR, ANY/ALL, the process has been a true nightmare.  Please add this functionality.  


Has this issue still not been addressed?

The ability to indicate 'AND' 'OR' when basing the Display Rules on the response for one multiple choice field is essential? Particularly for a complex form.

Knack team, has this issue been addressed?





Two years on and still no "OR" which means lots of rules or even some things not being possible, please add this.



I agree. We need an 'or' option. If a field is to "show" when any one of multiple choices are selected in a single drop down then you have to create the rule twice to account for each one.

I second this motion

For me - this is a key feature that's been missing from Knack since we started using the platform.

We really need the ability to allow end users to switch between ANY/ALL (AND/OR) logic when filtering records in the front end. 

I spoke with Brandon Griggs (Knack) around 12 months ago about this, and he mentioned it was in the pipeline, however it looks like it was put on the back burner :(

I agree with Brandon. Although there are ways to get around this restriction, it makes for very complicated and long hours of setting up Display Rules when one has a complex form.