Layered Filters + AND/OR

Right now, it seems like "filters" are just "AND" (a filter is either "On" or "Off").

It would nice to be able to get an "OR" capability.

And then to "layer this". So for example:

  • Filter set one (All, Domestic, Foreign)
  • Filter Set Two (USD, GBP, EUR)

You then could have two rows of buttons/toggles. In this case, row one might be set to "AND" and row two might be set to "OR".



Yes! I kind of envision it like Excel or Google Sheets does Filtering, for a table view:

Each table column allows you to set a filter, selecting ALL, selecting BLANKS, or selecting particular values. Additionally, as Excel does, you can filter based on "Text Filters..." which includes Equals, Does Not Equal, Begins with, Ends with, Text Contains, Text Does Not Contain, and Custom Auto Filter...which gives all sorts of flexibility.

If each column of your table allowed for this kind of filtering, you'd have unlimited ability to drill-down or expand to find your precise criteria. 

My clients want the ability to view products that contain a certain ingredient "sodium" somewhere in the ingredient name that is an ACTIVE ingredient for that product, AND also contains a different ingredient, like "iodine" that is INACTIVE for that product, while also filtering off of the product's Manufacturer or whether the product status is allowed or prohibited. It's a lot of if/then scenarios all nested. 

Having a search function do this as well would be awesome. The biggest issue I have now is that filtering on "contains" doesn't really contain - you are still forced to choose from specific items. We have tons of ingredients that contain sodium, and I don't want to select each one - I just want the filter to find all ingredients with "sodium" somewhere in the word. 

Thanks for considering this!

Yes! Definitely need OR option and way to layer it with AND.


Any news on when the filtering features will be upgraded?  

The main issue I see with the AND/OR filters is that I often want to filter by one set of parameters, then include several other parameters after that.  See example below:

1.) Filter by Location

2.) AND Filter by Product A

3.) OR Filter by Product B

The issue is that changing filter 3 to OR also changes filter 2 to OR.  Vice versa as well:  changing filter 3 to AND also changes filter 2 to AND.

Seems like it's a logical issue with the nesting of the filters.



I agree, +1 for this

Honestly… it has been five years since this was requested. Are we just never going to be able to filter by AND/OR at the same time? This seems pretty basis to implement. What’s the hold up?