Filters: Add OR, XOR filters

For many reasons and use cases it would be helpful to filter lists with OR or XOR connections between the different filters.

Please add the possibility to change the filter connections from only AND to OR or XOR.

Incredible news! My dream come true! Thank you!

Is there any update on this? Knack has become a dream tool for me with this ONE exception. I have several clients whom I would advise to use Knack in a heartbeat except for this one thing. Not having the ability to combine filters with OR completely stops me from recommending it. It seems like such a basic function for a database to have, but maybe it's really hard to implement in the back-end?  

So glad this has been marked as planned, Look forward to seeing it implemented.

YES! This would be extremely helpful. It's odd to me that this isnt already available.

To give an example, I want to see a total list of people who are members of Group X (30 people) OR Group Y (30 people). I add a filter for Group X and get 30 results. I add another filter for Group Y and I get 10 results showing who is a member of BOTH groups, when what I really need is 50 results showing who is a member of EITHER group.