Query across multiple objects

As a Knack Builder, I would like to set up the option for my users to search a single field and bring up results over many objects.

Scenario 1: You want to search for a Company and see both Reps and Employees connected to that Company.

Scenario 2: You want to filter all of your report views on a page.

This would be about the biggest single thing you could add to increase Knack's power.


I currently achieve this by adding a dummy customer when adding a rep, and using a customer = yes/no field to differentiate elsewhere …

Would love to be able to create a map that combines data from my sales reps object and customers object.

Yes this is definitely needed.

In addition, the ability to filter/query object(s) in combination with the logged in user would also be very helpful.

A similar feature (combining users and connected records) is provided on form fields when selecting dropdown filters for connected records..

Show REPS and LEADS on the same MAP wold be excellent ...


I would like to be able to prepare a report that compiles across 2 objects. Is this same thing?