Fulltext search over multiple objects


has someone experience with more advanced search feature within the Knack app. I developed very specific CRM for my client and he is asking me to run search over multiple Objects at once (Clients, Contracts, Deals, Notes...)... together with content from attached files (Word or PDF). I know very well how Knack works.

Just thinking someone might found/developed workaround :) How to search over multiple objects at the same time. SEO indexing is not the option since all the data are highly confidential.

thanks, Martin

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Ha - got it!

I do not have ideal solution yet... that is why I opened the topic here ;) I plan to explore ElasticSearch as well.

Okay - and then how do you use that to search?

for example you can use it to create from multiple connections one simple text string.

Agreed - how are you using Integromat as the workaround?

Hi Brad,

thanks for your response. Well, the journal/search object is unfortunately only partial solution. And quite expensive - I have to develop it and maintain whenever I change database structure of any related object. And another yes, the way how Knack handles multiple connections to one object is just another limitation. I am using integromat.com as quite a good workaround.


Hi Martin,

We've been thinking of the same thing in our customised CRM & Projects platform. So far the only way we can see is to connect all objects we want to search across to a journal or search object, and to then use a view based on the Search object that includes the key fields from the others.

The obvious problem is handling multiple fields from each object and the complexity that'll entail.

Have you thought of other possible ways?