New record alert using Integromat search scenario

Hi everyone,

I hope you're having a great weekend. I have a design issue and I think I have a solution but am just wondering if anyone has any experience and I'd love a bit of help if so.

I have a database that is updated many times daily. I want a user to be updated by email as soon as a record is created that matches certain criteria that the user specifies.

The Integromat module for Knack - Get Record only has AND filters so it will exclude any results that have anything less. For example, if the search wants to be notified if A and C are true, the Knack module only returns A AND B AND C.

I don't want multiple calls because this will use up my operations.

I think I need to define the search as being an ALL or ANY search... then call all searches and then use the Integromat filters to identify the correct output. I'm spitballing here...

Has anyone done anything similar?

The solution is that a hospital advertises a SHIFT Object and a USER should receive an email if the SHIFT criteria match the USER's SEARCH object (date, specialty, rate, location).

Do I just need a route for ALL criteria and a route for ANY criteria? I'll see how it goes. Grateful for any input!



There may be a couple of ways of doing this - but the most obvious is to use a new record trigger to start the scenario - followed by a get record to retrieve the actual new shift. Following this you would then need to use a search module to return all potential staff using one or more criteria to narrow it down (as you say, you can only use and here). You could then filter from then on (where you have 'and' and 'or' available.

I suspect you have already got this far though but don't want to use too many Integromat operations (and Knack API calls)?