Custom email when new record added matching criteria

I would like to be able to offer my customers an option of receiving alerts when a new record is created by any of my users.

Ideally, my customers who are not users (nor require a login) can fill out a short form, and then receive a notification when one of my users creates a new record that matches the details filled out in the short form by a customer.

I thought that this could have been done by setting up a task, and when the date on the short form matches date on the new connected record, a custom email would be sent - but I have found things might not be as simple as this.

Does anyone have anything similar set up on their apps, or know a solution that would give my customers this option?

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Was there ever a response or a solution to this? I imagine you'd need something like Integromat to scan the records and see if it matches the search object but this would become very app-intensive if you had a record updated 10 times daily with 2-300 users at the very least. That's 3000 Integromats a day...


Very keen to hear if anyone has a more elegant solution to this.

Hi Neal,

Yes, that's absolutely spot on.

When the user (employee) submits a new record - hopefully the app will be able to find a corresponding record in the ShortForm and then e-mail the customer; notifying them that we have a new record matching their requirements.



Hi Mike,

I would like to understand your business case.

I created simple spreadsheet prototype screenshot about short form info that customer enters and you store it in Knack.

I have field called "EmailSent Yes or No" which will be set to No in the beginning.


What happens next ?

My guess is that your employee will find out more information about request and when the information is available - it will be added into another table. When this data is added in other table at that time you would like to match city, town, airport, email-address with corresponding info in ShortForm.

  • If it matches and if no email is sent then email will be sent to customer that requested  information for customer is now available. At that time also update EmailSent in ShortForm to Yes from No.
  • If there is no match then no email will be sent.
  • If there is match but it is found that email was already  sent earlier then no email will be sent.



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Hi Neal,

That's great, thank you, but I don't want the customer's e-mailed every time a user creates a record. It would be more ideal if a customer can be emailed when a record has been added that has matched their criteria of a connected form that they have already completed.

For example, if a customer is looking for a record with a specific field values... date, town and airport - but there are no records matching their requirements. I would like to give the customer the opportunity of filling out a small form with their required date, town and airport. Then later when a user creates a record matching the customer's requirements - the customer is e-mailed and notifies them that there is a record available matching their requirements.

Hope this makes sense.





Hi Mike,

When one of your users creates a new record at that time customer-email-address is also added as one field of new record. will be useful in understanding of sending email.

You can set up sending  email for creation of each new  record.

Choose Customer-email-address field for recipient of email.

In your case email field will be customer-email-address.



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