Trigger Integromat (Make) from a button or action

I can see that Integromat likes create/update/delete actions to run a script. But can you trigger Integromat from an action?

If so, how?

You can use a mailhook module.

This can be triggered anywhere you can send an email from within Knack to trigger Integromat (Make). For example, adding or editing a form or an action link to start the scenario.

My college, Julian Kirkness, wrote an article about this. It’s beyond the scope of a written reply here but if you get stuck, I can help you as I use this method all the time.

I prefer to use the RECORDID field in the body of the email and then a sub string function to remove the html tags to extract the 24 digit Knack record ID. This ensures that you are picking up the correct record. You could also use another unique field like the Auto Increment as suggested by Julian.

Happy to provide one-on-one paid tuition, I did this with a client this morning, took half an hour to walk through.

Thanks Carl. When I have a little time I will digest this.

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Will this method work with a group of records or is it limited to a single record?

It’s triggered by an event via adding or editing one record. The submission of a form, or clicking an action link click will send an email to Make and trigger the scenario.
When the event triggers you could then use a search module to lookup other related records and do something with them.

Okay, thanks. I did recently set up a trial account and I was able to update a group of records - thanks to your videos and Julian’s blog posts. Jut wasn’t sure if the email trigger allowed the same. So it sounds like it does.

Memo to Knack: Please provide IntegroMake functionality from an action link so we don’t have to use work-arounds like triggering an email. Thanks

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Hopefully this will help bring the process to life:

Great video. That really helps clarify things. Thanks Carl!

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@PeterJurgen - I’m glad it has helped :+1: