Triggering Integromat from Knack Emails


I have just written an article about using Knack Emails to trigger Integromat which I hope people find useful:

I find this technique gives you much more control over when and how your processes run. As ever, please feel free to ask questions or provide feedback either here on on my blog.



Thanks @JulianKirkness - I’ve been using the JavaScript method you taught me for a couple of years, however, reading this article has made me realise how much simpler the Mail webhook will be.
It also means that I can trigger an Integromat scenario from an action link which is harder to achieve with the JavaScript method. :+1::rocket:

Hi Julian, I’ve done something similar with Knack to Zapier Mail Parser. I also had the same problem getting an ID in to the subject field but DID manage to do it. Not sure how, but I think I played around with trying to enter info in the subject field in different orders and eventually made it work! Subject seems a lot safer place to put the ID than body as I’m sure you’ve figure out.

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 1.21.14 PM

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@Malcolm-Optimi - would be interested to know how you managed it!

It would only really be helpful if it were the ID on its own - as to extract the ID from the email message body is simply a matter of this in Integromat (when using it to Get a Record in this case):

Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 09.04.45

(module 19 is the custom mail hook)

Of course the ideal solution here would be if Knack were to add Record ID to the fields which can be added into the Subject line - probably an easy thing to do???

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Agreed. ID on its own in the subject field was what made sense to me too (examples I’m posting have extra fields only for demonstration). I can’t seem to replicate that issue with not being able to add the ID now. Every way I try it’s available.

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