Sending email using the API

Just wondering, has anyone used the API to send an email ?

No I have not, but I am actually trying to solve a very similar issue right now. I'm trying to figure out what methods can be used trigger an email to be sent from Knack without a form submission being needed.

My issue is that I have a form that due to some weird Knack issues, will not update an email field properly using record rules. Therefore I have to use Integromat to set the email field. Integromat is triggered by the form, so there's no way that the email field can be updated prior to the submission of the form.
So what happens is this: Form submitted ---> Integromat Scenario Runs and updates the record created by the form to place the District Manager Email address in --> ??? (this is where I need to be able to use a field update or some other method that doesn't require human intervention in order to trigger the email to be sent.