Knack and Integromat - waiting for a response

For some time, I have been looking for a way to have Integromat triggered by Knack - and for Knack to wait for a response - for any number of use cases. Tony Lewis provided the breakthrough in a response here:

When I read that, I decided to make my own version - trying to simplify the code a little. I responded in the same thread with this a little while later.

However, I decided that this is an important enough technique that it deserved a full explanation and have written a blog post which takes you through the whole process:

This technique means that you really can use Integromat as the programming language for Knack - with your business logic returning results back to the user on the screen.

I hope people find this useful and look forward to any comment people may have - either here or on the blog itself!

Hi 9144729187 & 369481659772

This is a great bit of code. Thank you so much for sharing. We've been looking for something similar for so long and hadn't found anything that would quite fit the bill.

I have 1 question that you may be able to help with.

I want to apply the same code described in your blog, but i want to apply and wait for the 200 webhook response before redirecting to the Child page from the form. Do you know what would need to be added to the code to enable this? I'm a complete novice when it comes to Javascript really, hence my question!

Thanks again for sharing this.

Ah this is great, I love that the post inspired you to write this blog post! Great post! I've made some improvements to the original code I shared and found some other methods of exchanging information via Knack / Integromat I'll see if I put them together and share them with you.