'Programming' Knack with Integromat part 2

I've just published part 2 of my new series Programming Knack with Integromat. Having allocated task records from templates in the first post, this focusses on sending emails to each assignee and also including a iCalendar (.ics) file so that assigned users can add the tasks to their calendars:



I hope you find it useful!

Tony - I agree with you about error trapping - I do indeed put error traps in Scenarios where appropriate and a future edition of the blog series should definitely focus on this.

Some great stuff here. I was not aware of the 401 error issue. Could you please elaborate on a best practice for Error checking? It sounds like you have an approach that could really help other Integromat users like myself.

Also, I am currently looking at problems with very slooooow record edits and record creation. Minimal calcs are used. I create log records for each action and I use Integromat as part of the process. Has anybody noted speed issues related to Integromat?

that's amazing. I need to catch up with your blog! thanks for sharing

Love The Integromat / Knack combo I've built some serious systems using them together the last year. I have about 20 scenarios doing anything you can think on our back and front end. Below are a couple of 50+ modules that can run 200+ cycles in one execution. I've actually been reading your blog for a while. One thing about Knack is you need to have your error checking on point. Every once in a while you will get a random 401 error from Knack for no reason at all and you will have to deal with it or you can have a domino effect if you're not setup correctly with error handling 



sweet stuff you've got working there Julian!