'Programming' Knack with Integromat

There has been some interest on here about using Integromat to 'program' Knack. For this reason, I decided to write a series of articles on the subject - you can see the first one here:




I've based the article on an app used to set up re-usable workflows in your business which I've set up specially for the series. If you'd like a copy, then I'm sure Knack support will be able to sort it out for us.


Looking forward to any comments - or indeed suggestions for future articles in the series!

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Very nice tutorial. I use Integromat constantly. I can't imagine using Knack without. The learning curve is not bad at all because of the graphic interface; it is actually fun to build a scenario and watch it run! I use it to pick up the GUID (record ID) that is otherwise invisible to Knack users. It makes sending Email acknowledgments to new sign ups a breeze, and also sends us notifications to Slack. It provides parsing, math functions and array functions, that go way beyond what is natively available in Knack. My coding skills are practically non-existent and I haven't been using Knack for very long. Even in my hands, Integromat takes Knack to an entirely new level.

Very interesting article, I'm using Integromat more and more after your introduction to it. My best success is automatically setting up user accounts and emailing them the details from clicking an action link. This makes adding a new user, granting them the correct user role, setting a password and sending the correct URL an non issue for the end user. All thanks to your inspiration and Integromat