Adding a button to a report column that triggers a webhook at integromat

I have webhook at integromat that I use to send custom emails (that are not possible in knack alone). The webhook looks like this:{*AutoID} where *AutoID is a unique number identifying a record in my object. Here’s the formula field in knack:
Send New Job For Customer

I would like to trigger this with a button, rather than a link. If possible, I’d like the window to not open (or at least close right away). I did some surfing and found this idea:

Send Job Delivery For Customer

It won’t even save in knack, probably for some good reason. Does anyone have any ideas? Just want to make my UI look a little better and not have so many windows to manually close.

See my article on styling Knack Apps to see how to set up buttons in tables etc

Then use a mail hook in Integromat instead of a web hook and send an email from an action link with the id sent in the subject field. You will need to set an action for the action link - I often just create a blank field and set it to nothing.

Hey Julian, Thanks much. I just added you css file and I’ve changed some of my edit/view links to buttons. Looks much better. I’ll play around with the integromat approach you mentioned as well.