Sending Emails with Multiple Records in A Table

I have just published a blog post working through the process of using Integromat to send emails from Knack which include multiple records from your database presented in a table.

This seems to have been a topic which crops up on here from time to time and many people have suggested using Integromat to implement it - I just wanted to show that this is relatively simple to do and to get people started. I hope people find this useful!


Very useful, many thanks :pray:

Fantastic! Thank you Julian!

Nice :+1:

Just what I was looking for. Thank you

Has anyone built a solution using only Knack?

Knack can’t cycle through records and send emails so using Integromat or similar is the only viable solution. It may be possible with code but I’m not a coder.
I’ve built a number of Integromat scenarios that loop through records to send emails.
What’s your use case?

I need to send invoices, and each invoice must show the multiple billing items connected to it, in a table.
Our app has to be HIPAA compliant since we are dealing with sensitive health information, so I’m not so eager to start incorporating external tools to our features :S