Sending a summary email once a day with activity for the specific user?


I have a knack app that has about 7,000 concurrent users. They submit their pieces via the app for what they have done, and sometime in the future we receive it and log it in the app.

I currently have a simple rule that will go through and once the record is updated it will send an email with the details to the user.

Because there may be 30 or 40 records updated from the same user on the same day, I am trying to figure out a way that I can trigger the emails to only send once a day, and within that email would be the details from all the records. This way, the user receives one email at the end of the day with the 30-40 records information.

I currently use Knack and Zapier, and I have not found a way to accomplish this. I usually can find pretty creative ways to complete tasks like this, but this one escapes me.

Any thoughts on how I may be able to accomplish this?

I recently made a post about doing just this:

You may have already seen this in the related thread:

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