Daily Digest: Task sends email with multiple records

I would love to have the ability to create tasks that applied to groups of records rather than just a single record.

For instance: Here is a list of all of your appointments for the coming week. Knack would then search through the appointment records within the given timeframe and within the given filters, identify the records that apply and insert them into an email or use for another type of task.

Agreed this would be helpful. I imagine the Table View could include a "task checkbox" for each record (Added to the table view in similar way to Links being added as a column to edit a record).

When electing the task checkbox, it could include functions such as "Duplicate Record", "Delete Record", "Send Email".

The user would then just select the records and press a button for the defined function.

E.g 1. Check 3 records

2. [Duplicate].

Agreed. I need to generate a weekly report and it gets approximately 200 records, it is not really smart to fire 200 emails, so it would be nice to just send one email with all of them or send an email with a csv file like the export button. Is Knack looking at it right now?

Hi @Marcelo

This can be done with Integromat - you can read a main record then search for all the child records and aggregate them into an HTML table even.