Task for multiple records

Right now, you can create a scheduled task for each record which may allow you to send a customized email for each record.

It would be great to be able to run a scheduled task related to a grouping of records of a view. For example, every Monday at 9am, email view 267 to .

Any update regarding this feature? I would really need this:


This is core funtionality in other systems such as Quickbase.  There are many use scenarios where being able to automatically email a report/batch of records is very important, and individual email notifications are not practical.

I think you should be able to do this with integration tool Integromat (a bit like Zapier but more powerful). The process (Integromat Scenario) would be something like:

  1. Get users with a Search
  2. For each user, search for their outstanding tasks
  3. Use an Aggregator to go through the tasks and add them together in a format suitable to send
  4. Send the user an email

This could all be set up to run at a specified time (flexibility here depends on your account level).

Here's where you can find out more about Integromat - it really is great with Knack and code free.


I have a strong need for this. My users have many tasks assigned to them I would like to send a reminder email about each morning. It's impractical to send them 20+ emails at once, but one email with 20 tasks in it is reasonable. 

I agree, automatically emailing an entire view would be very useful.

We can see how a task for sending out multiple records at once would be helpful and we have it on our list to discuss!

Yes. Would love this.

Further to this, it would be great if you run a task for multiple records as required.

I would see this as button that could be selected when you have a table of results with check boxes selected.

Similar to your request, but manually - where you might select from a list of users and send a proforma email to their connected address.