Task Sending Multiple Emails

I setup a task to email the users when a particular field called “attorney feedback” is blank. The task ran properly but ended up sending multiple emails to each user for every single record that was blank. I just need to send 1 email if any of the fields are blank. I am trying to alert attorneys when they have records in the system that are not completed but I only want the system to send 1 alert.

Is this possible to limit it to 1 email even if there are multiple records?

Hey @Scott4 - yes, the trick is to set the task on the User object:

  • Add a Count field on the User object to count connected ‘Feedback’ items that have blank fields.
  • the email trigger is if the Count is higher than 0.
  • your email can also include the number of Feedback records needing attention.

Hope that helps.


How do I add a count field on the user object?

Ok I found where to add the count field but I have users connected to multiple tables so isn’t that going to count for all tables?

Ok, so I figured out adding the count to the user object but when I try to define the task email, I cannot find a count option on the drop down? Thanks for your help on this by the way.

Disregard. I think I have it figured out. Thank you so much for helping with this!

I reckon you’ve found the ‘When’ filters in the Task Action - the count field should be there.