Run a task only once

Hi all,

Is there a way to stop a task once it has been triggered.

My scenario is I want to send an email at a set time to tell an admin user if there are any pending jobs in the database. I have 6 different fields, each with a choice of pending, complete, awaiting user input etc… so if I run a task that sends a custom email if field x is ‘pending’ and there are more than one records, they will get multiple emails.

Can you setup a task to only send one email or to stop if criteria met etc.

It would also be good as a safeguard as I had an error once where I copied a task, but failed to copy all criteria so it trigged approx 40,000 email to the same user.

Still twitch when I create new tasks lol!




What you can do is set up a yes/no field that changes to Yes when an email is sent. You could also update all records to yes so that the task will not send any emails out to records already in your database. Then use that field in the conditions of the task.

If you need more info Ill be happy to help.