Multiple Records in one email

Hi there.  I want to email out a list of all records that was not completed for a user on my knack. The principle is to loop through all the fields and where the condition is met email one email with a list of all the records to the users.


Many thanks.

Hi Julian. Thank you for the help. Its def an option. I did have some difficulty though as my search is from one knack table nd the email address in another one. Would you br able to guide me through the steps? I checked on your blog but was unable to find solution

Hi Geoffrey

I would recommend using Integromat for this. The basic process would be:

  1. Search for records which match your criteria
  2. Use a Text Aggregator to create a single list of data to insert in your email (this will get data from each record from step 1)
  3. Use a send email module to send the message

This is a simplification but I hope it helps. You can see more about using Integromat with Knack on my blog:

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