Filters on the User table Filter

As a Knack Builder, I would like the view filters to match the Data Source filters I have specificied so that I able both able to use filters AND not display record values to customers that they should not see.

Scenario: Data Source is set up to only show records to the logged-in user's Company. But, if filters are allowed on a view to be set by the user, those filters show all companies, which might be sensitive data that the logged-in user should not see.

When is this going to be implemented please? It's such a basic, yet essential feature.

Yes I would agree, this is a major limitation when creating a multi-tenant platform. Seems rather basic.

this feature is crucial. 

We don't want users to remove the filter and be able to see records we don't want them to see

I would like to stress that this Feature Request is really crucial to Knack users like me who are selling to a multitude of multi-person entities. There are three scenarios for the use of Knack.

A Knack account is used to create an app that is:
[1] used by a multitude of single-person customers,
[2] used by a multitude of users within a single entity,
[3] used by a multitude of multi-person entities.

Scenarios [1] and [2] are fundamentally similar. Scenario [3] is very different.

My distinction between [1 & 2] and [3] is that the customer for a Knack-built app in [1 & 2] is a single entity (whether John Doe or the Marketing Department of Proctor and Gamble) and in [3] the customer for the Knack-built app is a multitude of multi-person entities (businesses like real estate offices, architectural firms, or franchises).

The absence of a way to completely isolate one multi-person entity from another in my app is a constant limitation. This affects filtering the most (at the moment). Only objects and fields that are common to all multi-person entities can be filtered without exposing the custom data of other multi-person entities. This means that you can only filter by Date and by fields that are either/or. Every other type of field's data is exposed to every multi-person entity when filtering, in other words every record of every multi-person entity appears in the filter choices.

I had suggested that you need another level in the User Roles Objects area: *Organizations* > Accounts > User Roles. Another way of looking at it would be Accounts > Sub-Accounts > User Roles so that Sub-Accounts of an Account could share records.