Let us use filter menu and records filter at the same table

Would be nice if knack let us use filter menu combined with records filter in the same table.

I have solved this limitation with a little trick. I have create a menĂº buton with a URL Link.

I take the url that generate my app when I'm generate a filter with the table using the fields that i need,

something like this:


2019 and is not implemented by Knack team yet :-(

Is a very necessary option. Use a filter menĂº with the fields being used as a table columns and not only the object's fields

I have a list of Statuses that I want a filtered menu yet I want to user to be able to filter as per their needs. I don't want to always have to compromise one or the other.

As records population grow, it's more and more necessary to combine filter menus with the standard all fields filter. Is there any chance for us to have this feature anytime soon?

Until this is not implemented by Knack team, I'm using a filter menu combined with a search box on the table. This may work for you until Knack team implement the proposed idea. Cheers!

I've wanted to do this many times!