MENUS Please explain

Okay here’s the scenarion.
Our main app starts on a table view for which there are four pre-programmed menu filters.
It was done this way so that further filtering could be done if necessary
For arguments sake call them SET-A SET-B SET-C SET-D
The table by defaults opens with no filtering applied just sorting.
When you want to edit the record from the table you click the button in the table for that entry.
There are multiple buttons for argument sake BUTTON-A BUTTON-B BUTTON-C etc
These BUTTONS go to pages created under the non filtered option.
Now when it becomes filtered I want the same function BUTTONS TO STILL BE CHOOSEABLE.
BUT, Knack generates a new version of the BUTTON-A, BUTTON-B etc pages under the new filtered set.
I cannot for the life of me work out how NOT TO CONTINUALLY REPLICATE THESE PAGES under the filtered records sub-sets.
It makes changes to the page a nightmare as you have to make the same change to 4 different page which are all the same !!!
It would be much more preferable to re-use the one page for all subsets.
Maybe I am missing something, or just been at the problem too long.
But for the liffe of me I cant see how else to do it

Filtered table selected using the buttons up top

Schema showing how pages are being duplicated making maintenance of them a nightmare.
Change 1 have to change all

Perhaps I am misunderstanding the whole child relationship of pages within Knack.

This method works but as I said, its a maintenance nightmare.

Appreciate slap on back of head for dumb or whatever you can add to this discussion

Hopefully I understand your problem correctly. It sounds like you have multiple table(?) views, and each has a set of buttons for editing a record.

When adding those columns to your view are you selecting the Action “Edit record” each time? On your filtered tables try selecting “Link to another page” instead and then choose the original edit page.


Yep you got it Ryan.

Amazing you can stare at a problem and try stuff for hours and not see what is sitting right in front of you.

I would swear I tried that method before and ended up with duplicates within duplicates but cold light of day, new opinion and Shazammmmmm it works.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to make me slow down and take a fresh look at the problem
Very much appreciated


Hey, glad that worked for you. I know how it is to be in that kind of house-of-mirrors where you’ve tried a lot of things, think you’ve tried everything, and somehow it’s just out of reach