Three newbie questions

New to Knack but so far loving it. Very impressed. I looked at it a couple of years ago. It’s changed and improved quite a bit!

Three quick but important questions, arising from problems I’ve run into. I have found the documentation and tried to find answers on my own, and I’ve watched some videos as well. Perhaps I have missed these but would be grateful for a hint.

  1. I cannot figure out how to put a button on a table-view page that will create a new record for that table. I would want the button to go to the Edit page for that table and create a new record.
  2. I’ve put an export button on my table view. The table view only shows half a dozen columns or fields out of about thirty in the table. When the export button is clicked, only those half-dozen visible fields are exported. It’s also the case that the export is limited by the current filtered record set. The latter constraint is one I’d like to keep. But how do I arrange to export ALL of the fields?
  3. Is there a way to show a count of connected child records?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @WilliamPorter

Your three queries can all be achieved.

  1. When adding a form that adds a new record check the box that says to add the form to a menu. You’ll then have a menu button that takes you to the add form. Set the add form as modal and redirect to parent.
  1. My workaround would be to add another table to your view via a menu button. This table can be unfiltered. You can either add all the columns, this may make the table quite wide. Or, still add all the columns but add a rule to each column to hide the value and then set the table to only show columns that have a value. This will enable the user the export all fields and all records.

  2. Add a Count field on the Parent object and select the field that you wish to count.

DM me if you want to connect and I can walk you through.

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THANK YOU for the very helpful responses!

(1) Providing an add-record UI for users

Your video gave me two options and showed very clearly how to implement each. Thanks so much for including that.

For the moment I’ve gone with the more basic one (limited add-record form on same page as the table it gets added to) and that’s working great, but I know how to expand that to the larger form later when I’m ready.

(2) Exporting all columns

Per your suggeted workaround, I’ve added a separate page with a table that shows all columns. Works great.

(3) Counting connected child records

Ah, it’s that simple! I had missed the Count field type.


I’m making a list of questions as I have them, but don’t want to post them immediately. I answer many of them myself (well, with the help of the online documentation and the videos that are available). I’m really liking Knack so far and am very impressed with how well done it is.



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Hey @WilliamPorter - I’m glad I could be of help.
I agree that Knack is a great tool, simple but also very powerful. :+1:
If you could mark this thread as solved it would be appreciated :pray: