Ability to import / export record rules

Given that we cannot create multiple connected records at once, I'm relegated to submitting connected records through record rules singularly. I have over 100 records to add based on the combination of two field choices initiating the connected records. Each one has 4 components it needs to add as creation.

it would be extremely helpful if we had some way of 'saving' our record rules in order to modify rapidly by exporting and importing of the record rules.

I'm getting very nervous that this rules may 'break' and cause hours of painstaking recreation.

Hi Steven -

Thanks for sending in your feature request here. We definitely have a feature request recorded to be able to export the schema (structure) of your Knack app - which would allow you to 'save' those record rules to be able to view in case of any of them breaking for some reason. In the meantime, you may want to occasionally make a copy of your app to use as a backup (you can make a copy without the records) to serve that purpose.

The other request I'm hearing here is a way to save and re-use or copy record rules from one form to another.

Thanks again for taking the time to write in!