Export One to Many in Copied Records

This request is along the same lines as this request http://helpdesk.knackhq.com/support/discussions/topics/5000050338, but pertains more to the export.

Right now, Knack exports and displays tables with one-to-many connections within one row. Forcing the many elements in a single cell, either separated by row or comma.

This just doesn't work. Especially with addresses. The data becomes jumbled and impossible to read. What's worse, is that the CSV. file does the same. It's impossible to assure clients they can retrieve their data from the system when it requires someone with good data management programming skills to break the records apart.

What we need is either partial or full sub records of the 'many' element listed below the 'one' element in new record rows.

I'm evaluating Knack and this is key functionality. Have there been any improvements to this?