Task for scheduled Export

As a sales manager, I want a daily export of my “Today’s Leads” table, so that I can store a CSV of the new leads every day so that I can send it in an email to my supervisor who is not a Knack user, and reviews these in this format.


We need this as a Backup feature, but also to improve integration to other apps,

The ideal would be that it exports the csv, txt or Json file to dropbox, googledrive, onedrive, sharepoint,etc.., or even as an email, anything that could be password protected and able to store the files with a timestamp (for offline backup intentions), but not removing the ability to overwrite the last file saved (for integrations).

We work with many different integrations (such as powerbi),
In which if we use the standard api call on the whole object, view or table, it takes too long, incurring on connection errors, gateway erros and such.

The ability to have whole views scheduled exported on csv on a sharepoint or onedrive account would help in better integrating knack to all other sorts of desired functions.

Please consider adding this soon.