Keeping track of exported records

We have created a simple lead capture app. Our promoters will be at certain events and they will be able to capture some basic information from leads they talk to.

Our end customer has access to a page in the app where they can export the leads whenever they see fit.

Is there any way to create an export function (accessed via a button, instead of the normal Export functionality) where the records will be exported, but also be able to set a boolean field to TRUE on each record exported? The idea is that I could flag the record so the next time the customer access the page they will only export new leads not previously exported.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think there is a way to do this natively in Knack but you could do it in Make (formerly Integromat).

You would need to trigger the Scenario (maybe with an email) then use a Search for Records module to find the unexpected records and then use a text aggregator to build a csv file of the results which you could email to the person concerned or even upload as a file for them into Knack. You could also do an update of each record as it was being processed to mark them as exported.

Contact me if you want more help with this.



This gave me a good idea of what to do. I use Zapier for other things and I think an export will not be needed. I might just create a Google Sheets and add leads to it as leads are created in Knack and I can share the Google Sheets.

Thank you!!!

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