Live App Record Import

Would be really nice with a possibility to create records via a Live App import function.

Unlike the importing records via the backend, doing it through the Live App should cause form rules to trigger as well as triggers to Zapier.

I wouldn't mind paying for it. Have a customer who really needs it.

I've found this piece of code from Peter Day is very helpful for importing CSV files to records:

Well Matt.... I'm saying that it could be done using a custom code. If that is not helpful for you, please share your other helpful experiences.

This is a forum for sharing and helping one another.  I am not sure that your post is in that spirit.

well I found out a way through a custom code with my outsource developers and it working perfect. it took some time (and money LoL) to setup but now my users can easily import an excel sheet with any number of records in less than a minute.... if you want I can get my developers to work on yours too... only if you are ready to pay them :-)

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The ability for build a bulk data import to the Knack database will be a definite plus for me.  I have users who wants to generate a CSV file from their internal company database on a daily basis. Then using the app developed in Knack to enable them to self import the CSV file to the Knack database on their own (without having to use the builder).

Another option, they are also able to accept is the ability to copy and paste the data to the knack form/table then trigger the processing of the data from the populated table/form - just. like how you would copy and paste cells in Excel spreadsheet.


I now think this could probably be achieved using Integromat, (and maybe Zapier) - I haven't worked out how that would be done, but I am experimenting with similar things, and it could be done by setting up scenarios where the user sends the csv to, say, Google drive.  Integromat appears to be able to carry that data on a line-by-line basis into Knack.


I agree - this would be a very helpful tool!

This would be a life saver.

Yes, this feature seems like a no brainer - and doesn't seem that hard to add.  I would use it for letting users upload bank statements for an accounting app.

This is a feature that I would think would be easy to add.  Functionality from a Page view that instead of manually entering a record the user has the capability to upload a csv to add records.  Templates could be built that would make it easy for a user based on the page view/log in.

Yes we should be able to save import mapping and use those for repetitive importing via the apps. Would be great to have !

I would like to see where you could save import maps and have that as an option in a menu. Select which import to run and off it goes.

My application requires monthly data to be loaded. Being able to build that in, allowing users to load the data would be super useful

Will this feature request, submitted 5 years ago, be reviewed?

Please can you review this feature request Knack team. I want my team to be able to import into the database without them having access to the builder. Just a simple upload from a csv would be amazing.

Its been so many years that Users of Knack are asking for the ability to import data (in bulk) using CSV filesinto the Knack database from the live app (and not from builder) - has anyone seen any further feedback from Knack or has anyone found any good solutions to share?

My Users are throwing rocks at me for not have this very basic functionality to provide them…


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I agree. This could make a huge difference. The functionality is already there. Just needs to be exposed on front.

It’s mentioned above already - but I thought I would again…

I have implemented this a couple of times for clients where a user uploads a file into Knack and then Integromat / Make finds the newly uploaded csv file and then loads it (or updates existing records etc).

This is relatively easy to implement - maybe the subject of a new blog post for me at some point!