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Greetings All!

Here’s my problem:
I’ve got spreadsheets that contain 10s of 1000’s of rows. I don’t necessary need access to all of the information contained in the spreadsheets, but I don’t know which of these rows of data I need, until I need it. I don’t want to import all the data. I want to be able to search for data inside of knack, find it on the spreadsheet (online) and then create a knack record based on the info in the rows.

I’ve found it to be incredibly easy to update spreadsheets and create/update records in Knack but have been unsuccessful for the opposite.

Maybe I’m searching for the incorrect terminology? IDK. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi Jarrod!

To import a single record, you can simply import a spreadsheet with a single row (and header).

If you’re asking how to automate this process, then you’ll need to associate your spreadsheet records to Knack records. First, create a column in your spreadsheet (e.g. ID) that acts as a unique identifier. Then create a field in your Knack records with the same ID. Then you can trigger workflows inside Knack to interact with your spreadsheet, using a third-party automation tool such as Zapier/Make.

If you think it’s easier to explain your use-case over a Zoom, feel free to get in touch.

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Wow - Thank you for such a quick reply. I’m going to give it a shot! I’ll reach out if I need further assistance.

@KnackPros - I wanted to jump back in and say thank you for your response. It kickstarted me into researching integrations. I’ve been intimidated by integrations, mostly because of my lack of confidence. I didn’t want to try to work with them mostly because I admitted failure to the entire project before I even failed the first step of learning, so I gave up before trying.

I successfully completed a recipe to my problem based on your expertise and guidance! THANK YOU!

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You’re welcome!

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