Import into Knack From Google Sheets


I just created a small script that imports data from Google Sheets into KnackHQ objects,
It can also insert data into Objects containing Connection fields.
It is still very basic and not secure yet.
If some more people can contribute, we can create a great app out of it.
I still have lot of ideas for it that I want to implement and I will as soon as my studies get over :x
Please check out the demo video at:

and project is on github:

Please share and contribute.

PS: I am a software engineering graduate student and looking for summer internships. If someone likes my work, please give me an opportunity. :P

Thanks for sharing!!

Is it possible to modify the script to have it run on triggers and update all records with the data that's in Google Sheets?

David, you have to add your API keys in the code.
As you must have seen in the youtube video, you will have to figure out how your fields are connected.
Unfortunately, I could not find a way to figure out the connection between the fields using the data provided by their API. I don't know if they have improved the API to provide that information.

Also, I don't know if it still works. It has been some time since I used knack.
For now, what you can try is:
1) Create a publically published google sheet (No google sign in yet)

2) Import that sheet

3) Find out the details of the object, connected fields.

4) Import

Remember to include you knack API keys.

Hopefully, the video helps you a bit.
This script was just a concept. I would have improved it but other things are keeping me busy.