New! Import from Google Sheets

Introducing Google Sheets Import!

We’re excited to announce a new way to bring data into your Knack applications - you can now import directly from Google Sheets!

With the new Google Sheets import option, you no longer have to export your sheets out to CSV before bringing them into Knack. Connect to your Google account and import data right from your spreadsheets.

This makes it seamless to leverage all the data you have in Google Sheets, from simple lists to robust tables.

Some key highlights:

  • Directly import from Google Sheets into Knack tables
  • Select which Sheet tab you want to import
  • Easily map Sheet columns to Knack table fields
  • No more exporting Sheets out to CSV first

The Google Sheets import option can be found in the import menu of any Knack table, and when you are creating a new table. Just connect your Google account, select the sheet, map the columns, and import.

This new method of importing Google Sheets gives you even more flexibility for bringing data into your Knack apps. Whether you want to import product catalogs, price lists, contact directories or anything else, it’s now simpler than ever.


Nice……thank you Knack team :rocket::+1:


WOW!! Amazing very useful functionality!

Thanks Knack Team!!!


Very cool!


Looks great. Will this work on the builder too? Or just for data?

Hi, @GazM ! The Google Sheets import option is available in the Builder only. If you would like to learn more about using this import option, you can check out our article here and our tour. :slight_smile:

can this be leveraged to use ‘live’ data? like, can a view be designed to import data from google, manipulated in knack, and then saved back to google? this way it uses google as the backend and knack as a front end?

Good question! Currently, no- data syncing with Google Sheets may be available in the future though.

We are going to try this out for our next upload. Thanks for the headsup.

I meant can I create fields from an upload? I have a lot of fields Id like to create and it would be good if I could bulk create the fields.

Or, is os only when I have the fields I can map the data as I would in zapier etc.

I suspect the latte but wanted to check.

You can create new fields when importing via Google Sheets just like you can when you import data from a .CSV or Excel file. You can learn about this from the anchored section here in our Importing Records article.

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This is great! But please extend this capability to be an on-going refresh/update from the connect Google Sheet.

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