Can External Users Map Fields When Importing

Hello, I was curious if there’s a way for users on my knack portal to map columns to my internal table when they upload a csv file. Knack supports this functionality internally when the website creator uploads csv files, but i was curious if external users could do this on the external website.

Currently there’s no way for users to upload data into the live app natively. This can only be done in the builder. There are some code based solutions I’ve seen and heard of plus you can use a Google or O365 Excel spreadsheet with Make (or similar) to facilitate imports

I have a couple of client apps where they paste data into predefined columns in a Google sheet and then press a button in the Knack app to send a webhook to Make to start the import process. The data fields are mapped in the Make scenario.

Having the ability to do a front end user import has been on my wish list for a long time and has been mentioned to the product team. Hopefully this will be a feature in the future.

This has been voted for many times, not sure if it’s on the road map @Kara :wink:

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