Allow display/export of knack record ID on front end and on builder


Could we please have an option to allow knack record identifiers to be exported, both front end and builder?

Our organisation undertakes verification of assets that are registered on knack, they have to work offline in excel for this sometimes. I can code some javascript to import a resultant CSV file. However, to set the connections (eg "office" being the office in which the asset is located), I have to force the user in excel to match exact spellings, and then to take an extra step of GETting the connected "office" object using javascript, looking up all of the "office" records, matching the user's spelling to the record, extracting that "office" record's ID and then PUT/POST the updated asset with this "office" record ID set for the connection field.

I would prefer that they choose the "office" from a dropdown list and then, by a formula, the next column along in excel, is automatically updated to the "office" record ID. So they'd have another tab with "office name" and the "office ID", which I can just lookup through excel.

That way, I can import directly without having to code javascript searches through all "office" records each time.