Creating URL for record details view

Is there a way to have a URL variable for each record view?

For example, when I view the record details it gives me a unique URL for each record. Something like

I can email that URL and when the recipient clicks it, it opens to that record detail view. My question is how can I control the last part of that URL to be say a unique field in my database, like an account number? I.E.

Or alternatively retrieve the unique knack ID for each record so I can export that?

My reason for doing this is I am working with property records. I have an online map showing each property and I can provide a URL that the property goes to when clicked. I want to place the Knack Record Detail view URL in each map property so when they are viewing the map, they can just click to view the record detail based on the URL. I have far to many records to individually copy and paste each knack URL, so I want to use an existing unique field to be the URL for that record.

I've got a nice tip related to this thread.

Knack now lets you access the record ID, the parent url, and the page url and send those fields along with email submission rules.

This allows you to include a reply link in the email: {page url}{record id}

But, most of the time you do not want to direct the recipient of the email to the url that generated the email because the recipient has a different user role.

You would, however, like them to view a page appropriate to their role that deals with the same record id.

Here's how you do it.

In this example, A patient will request an appointment using a form available only to their role and generate an email to the doctor where he can respond to that request while logged in as a different role.

1. Visit the page that is appropriate for the recipient to take action on.

2. Copy the URL from that page.


3. Remove the URI and the Record ID.

ex. 'https://' and '58fa5f19a2674a0f3810f932'

4. Enter the remaining characters into your call email followed by {record id}


5. Copy the resulting string into your email

ex Please respond to this request by visiting:{recordid}

6. Now the recipient will have a link that directs them to their role's appropriate response page for that specific record ID.

*URI must be removed.

*Modern browsers will still follow the link if the URI is missing

*If it is included than Knack will automatically separate the record ID from the base url and the link will be broken.


Ah, now I get it!

Knack only exposes the record IDs through the URLs and the API, they're not available from the builder or your app ID CSV exports I'm afraid.

We've done some Access & Excel API work and I'm considering building an Excel addin if there's demand, otherwise look at the Google Sheets work done by others and shared in posts on this forum.

In the meantime you're limited to copying the record ID from the detail view URL I think.

Anyone else have a different way?

I'm assuming the record ID is the last remaining portion of my API URL, the random letters and numbers?

I'm not necessarily needing to link the apps together. I just need to export a list with the record ID for each knack record and a unique field in my database such as account ID.

So basically export a CSV like the image attached.


I've read your post again and I think your property maps do reside outside of Knack and your looking for a way to link the two apps together. Apart from looking at Zapier to link the two (if your property map app is an online web app), then the alternative would be to replace that mapping component inside Knack so there's no integration issues.

i.e. you can easily view more details of the from the map page all from Knack.

To clarify - the online map showing each property is outside your knack app, is that correct?

There's currently no option to control the Knack URLs for a record view as it uses the record ID that Knack assigns automatically, but it can be retrieved using the API.