Use parent record's record id in email

I have a record that has children.  When viewing the child record, during an edit, I want to send an email and 'build' an URL address inside the email for the recipient to click to view the parent record on pages THEY are allowed to view.  I cannot choose the "Parent Record ID" because that is a page only the ADMIN is allowed to view.  The parent record id DOES show the pertinent information I need, but I only need the ID portion of it:   

{PARENT RECORD ID} = https://.../57c5d5c78d709dd029e7499a/.../57c5d5c78d709dd029e7499a

I need the last bit so I can build the correct page with the aforementioned id only.

Anyone know how to do this?

Hello Derek,

I have build similar functionality.  Unfortunately knack doesn't provide this simple we need to insert Id also in child table while inserting records.

I'm a knack developer if you want to achieve this then i will do this.

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Sunny Singla