Unique URL to view and edit record with Email Submission

My suggestion - similar to how we can add different fields in a custom email for a form submission, I am suggesting adding the ability to include a URL to a recipient to view or edit the newly created or updated record.

Similar to the email we received when we confirmed our email address, this feature would allow users to include a custom URL for gathering additional information from clients, vendors, etc.. I personally would use it at our service based company for pinging appointment availabilities in a simple form or as a check-in for an appointment. I'm sure there's other uses for this as well amongst users i.e. forget passwords, email confirmation, surveys, ratings, etc.

Wow! That was fast. You guys are awesome!

same here would love to see this feature, do you have an eta?

Awesome! This should make for an exciting additions to our projects. Thanks Knack folks!

Brandon, you just made my day!  Thanks!

Except for Zapier to be useful (lots of zaps) requires another payment, plus emails are limited to the single table (i.e. cannot include fields from other objects/tables).

That's a great workaround and a good solution until something more official is implemented. Thanks for the info, Brad!

The weird thing is the record ID is available in Zapier for xaps connected to Knack, and it's their as a field in the API, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Agreed! I would be able to scale up so many projects with this function, especially eCommerce with providing order details and shipping info immediately after an order has been placed. 

Even if we could just automatically record that URL to a separate field that would help tremendously. We could probably set-up some sort of task to send a custom email after the form has been initially created. 

This is incredibly important. I'm not sure why it doesn't make sense to give us access to the record id. I think we should have had access to this from the start.

If we could access the record ID field in forms and field calculations this would be solved I think.