Pull data from Knack to Google Sheet via Zapier


I have tried to set op a Zapier App to pull data from Knack to Google Sheets.  It seems not to work.  The idea is to work further with data to visualize and analyse.   Does anybody know if this is possible?   Or is just me that cannot make it work?  ![](upload://xci2dStO6YkO9IGU2T2ksPsOnLU.png)

Julian  -  thanks.   So I guess you are saying that I need to put in af trigger that adds a new row in Google Sheets?  That makes sense -  I will try.  Thanks.   Did not know Integromat.  J


I've done exactly this in Integromat and it works a treat - but I also get it to add a new row to the sheet if one is not found. About 50,000 rows and counting. I would expect Zapier to work much the same in this case but don't use it anymore if I can avoid it!