Join table query before export

Hi guys. I just dived in a made my app (I'm quite pleased with it too, this product creates nice clean results) but now, I discover that I cannot perform simply queries on the data.
All I need is to join
table 1, table 2, table 3, table 4
to create a monster table

I'd like to keep all the data in Knack and do all the other processing I need within the app (just like I would do in excel) but it looks like I'm going to have to take the data out via csv (from all the tables, pull it all together in access or similar before I can use it, which sort of defeats the point).

Hi Stephen,
Where fields are not available you can use text formulas on child and grandchild tables/objects to copy columns/fields from parent objects down to child and subsequently grandchild objects.
It does end up overly complicating your objects and the data in them can undergo unnecessary updates (i.e. change the parent and the child records may automatically be updated as well.)

Thanks Tony. I have all my connections working nicely. This only let's me see the join 'one layer deep' I need to go at least 4 layers deep. Any other tips? I havn't found anything search through the forum.


I guess to use knack language I actually want to join objects. 

Ohh. I think I've got it, I start at the bottom and work back up, not start at the top and work down I'll give it a try. 

Firstly you'll need to have all the connections set up on your objects.

Then follow this: https//


@TonyRees The above line to the article is no longer working. Do you have a working link?


Maybe this : Combining Fields from Connected Records in Views - Knack Knowledge Base

Then, in the parent object, have a formula that pulls in a field from the connected grandparent object. Hopefully this should then display as per the screenshot in the link above.

My earlier responses were based around the old Builder so it’s possible the functionality may be a little more advanced now.