Importing two tables that are related - make connections?

I have two csv files that come from an existing relational database. They share fields that have the same values where the records are related. How can I import these records so Knack connects the two records in Knack without doing it manually?

What I’d like to do is import the first table and then when the second is imported have Knack see the matching values and set the connection between the objects for each record.

Please, tell me this is possible!

Hello Greymont,

Yes, that’s possible when you are importing connect this field with the proper field value.

Sunny Singla

It sounds like you are saying the field being imported to the connection should have the value of the connected table’s key field. Is that right?

Yes, first import the parent table then the child table.

Map like below

Select proper column name Like i Select Parent Name

Sunny Singla