How to show connections child filed?

I have read all the manuals about CONNECTION for more than 4 hours but still don't get it.

Can any one please summarize how the child field is assigned please?

I have Object A (parent) with "product name" field (I already set "product name" as display field.) Then there are 3 number fields from the parent (Object A) that I want to automatically show (assigned) in 3 fields in Object B (child). How do I tell object B to display those 3 fields?

And to make the matter more complicated, I have to do all of these 3 times.

Meaning users have to select products 3 times and Form B need to show those 3 number fields x 3 times.

I have read all the manuals but I can't summarize the necessary steps.

I understand so far that:

1) I have to create connection between 2 objects - done

2) I have to identify the display field in the parent object - done (= product name in form A)

3) This is where I have no clue. How do I tell Knack to assign automatically those 3 number fields in child object?


If I understand you correctly, you just need to create 3 Equation fields in the child table (Object B) which lookup the values from the parent object.

Hope this helps.