Not seeing fields in child tables

I am a newbie to Knack but have some experience with MS Access. I have created my objects and fields and the connections from the main table to four child tables (one to many). When I go to the records I am expecting to see all the fields from the connected child tables but I am only seeing the names of the connected tables not their fields. Thank you.

Hi @David5 - as a fellow MS a access developer I have been on the same joinery. :blush:
You mention that you have your main table connected to four child tables.
Just checking, but the connection should be from the child table to the parent.
If your connections are correct you will only see the “display field” in the child connection.
That’s all Knack needs to connect the two together.
When you’re building your views you can then add any of the fields from the child object as connected records.

Display Fields

Combine Connected Records in Views

I’m happy to jump on a Zoom call to see if I can help you get this resolved, send me a direct message on this forum.

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Thank you Carl! I have not had a chance to get back in and look at this, but I did set mine up from parent to child and not the other way as you said. I will do that and post back. Thanks again.

I changed the connection direction and have made some progress. I am curious how Knack is making the connection without having to stipulate the Private and foreign key of the connection? I went to records to add a record and in access lets say, my serial number is the private key that would be the foreign key in each of the child tables and thus the serial number would show up in each of those tables. I enter a few fields of data in my main table and then looked at the other tables and the serial number is not there. This field is definitely how I want to tied my records together. Is this a true RDMS? Thank you. Also, just curious if you have ever played with Caspio? I am evaluating it also. It is a fairly simple computer inventory system I want to build but has maybe 25-30 fields. Thanks!

I think you’re referring to the “primary” and foreign keys rather than “private”.
In Knack unlike MS Access, you don’t have to setup these keys as the “Display Field” is used to define the connection between tables and which field shows in the child table.
Knack uses a 24 digit record ID that is not exposed within the application to index each record and provide a unique key. This 24 digit ID can be found with the API or via Integromat/ Make

I’ve not used Caspio. I find their pricing based on views to be too limiting for the type of large applications I build in Knack.

I offer paid tutoring if you’d like to connect.

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