Records from Connected Object Not Showing in Table

I have a very simple app with object types Observation and Audit. There are many Audits associated with each Observation; the Audit field includes a connection field to Observation. 

My app includes a page with a table that I would like to show all fields for each Audit plus the fields for the associated Observation. I have followed the exact process described in Section 4.1 of the guide here: The table's primary object is Audit. 

When I view the table in the live app, the Audit fields all appear in the table populated with data as they should. The Observation fields show as headers, but the individual records are all blank. Can anyone help identify the reason they aren't showing up?


I think this is a very simple data connection.You may need to add a view detail field for each record, once you click on the Audit detail, you will be able to see the Observation table related to each Audit.

Hey Michael,

It's hard to debug why this may be happening without seeing your app. If you would like, you can share your app (or a copy) with me at, so I could have a quick look. I'm also available for consulting on any other support or custom development needs you may have!