Table not showing records connected to logged-in user

Hi all,

I’ve got a table displaying records called Accounts connected to the logged-in sales rep. All of the accounts are connected to Adam Admin which I am logged in as. However, the table is blank. Does anyone know what could be causing this? The filters are correct.

Hi @Harry - you have the Accounts Object connected to User Roles>Sales Reps.
You need to have the Accounts Object connected the User Roles>Accounts to show records connected to the logged in account.

You can then filter the table data source to only show records where the logged in Account contains a Sales Rep User Role.

You could also add the Sales Rep User Role to the login for the page so only those with a Sales Rep role will see it. :+1:


Hi @CarlHolmes,

Thanks for your help! I have a couple of follow up questions. I’ve changed the Accounts Object so that it is connected to Accounts (i.e. the login). However, having selected Accounts it’s automatically renamed the connection after the first User Role - “Admin”. I’m not sure if this is a problem or not.

Anyway, I’ve added a new table where the source is all Accounts. I’ve set the table filter to only show that Accounts connected to the logged-in Admin, but still nothing shows up. I’ve also changed the login page to only allow Admins.

Summary: login-page only allows Admins
Table displays all Accounts, is filtered by logged-in Admin
Connection is between Accounts and Admins (it won’t let me do between all Accounts)

Why is it still not working?

Btw, would this be the best practice - always connect to User Roles > Accounts object? What would be a scenario where you would want to connect the field to a specific Role object? I never understood very well why the different object roles

If you need to show records connected to the logged in user then connecting to the main account object is a must, as you’re likely aware.

Connecting to a user role is useful if you want to display a drop down menu to select just people from that user role, such as an engineer, without having to filter.

User roles are most powerful for managing views, permissions etc, as I’m sure you’re aware.

Connecting to user roles does have some disadvantages whereby you can’t leverage the connection when creating certain rules such as sending emails.

I’d always recommend adding any additional fields to the accounts object even if they are not always relevant to the other user roles.

FYI - I’m connecting with Harry this week to see if we can get to the bottom of his issue :thinking: