How do I associate a company to roles? Another words a user is logged in as sales associate and he can see his records, but someone is logged in a sales manager, how does the sales manager see all records from HIS company? There are multiple companies with multiple users. So highest COMPANY level should see ALL records but only for his company, not other companies record. Thanks, Kyle McAfee

Companies should be an object and connected to the accounts object where your user is. You can then show records connected to the company connected to the logged in user.


Thanks Carl. I will give that a try.

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No problem @Kyle - this should be a fairly simple fix if you have your connections setup correctly.
I have a similar setup in another client app.
Each sales person is connected to a region and only see their own sales.
Each sales manager is also connected to a region and can see all orders for all sales people connected to the same region.

If you get stuck and want some one-on-one help or tuition please let me know. :+1:

What is your direct contact information? Thank you for your help. 812-416-8964

Hi guys, this is a problem I found at the begining of my App, with multiple companies and 4 user roles in each.
Each user AND its role(s) must be created with the asociation to its company.
If not the roles are not linked to the specific company and that generates workflow problems.

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@MichaelG - Yes, indeed :+1:
You’d have to connect all the individual user roles to your company object.
This is why i just use the Accounts object as you only need one connection. Also if a user changes role you’d need to make sure all the same fields appeared in each user role objects.
It’s a lot simpler to just add the fields at the top level of Account and use the User Roles for permissions and views / page rules etc.

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