Issue with connected field automatically associating a User Role with a Record

Hi everyone, I’ve built out an app based around companies applying for a program.

Currently, the process is:

  1. Through a public page, the company registers as a User Role (“Company Login”)

  2. Once logged in, the company sees a Company Dashboard, where they can fill out an application, or see previous applications.

  3. When a company creates a new application, it sends information to 2 separate tables.
    The first page of the application creates a new company record in the “Applied Companies” table, including Company Name.
    The rest of the application pages create a new application record in the “All Applications” table, which is connected to the Applied Company record (many/applications to one/company).

This issue is that the company User Role is not being automatically associated with the Company Details record (primary field is “Company Name”).

I have a child connected field in the Company User Role table (“Associated Company”) that is connected to the parent field (Company Name) in the Applied Companies table, but I can’t figure out a way to automatically associate them.

When I manually adjust the User Role field Associated Company, the dashboard works fine and a company can see their associated applications.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious- any suggestions?

I’m not sure I fully understand your setup from the written description. If the related applications are connected to the company as a one to many, as you state, there should be no issue with showing the related records to the logged in user.
You shouldn’t need to be copying user roles between tables.
It’s a challenging one to answer without seeing how you’ve set it up.
I’m sure Knack support would take a look. If not let, me know and we can try and setup a session to take a closer look :eyes: