Allow fields in the ACCOUNT Object to be shared in other User Roles

As a Builder, I would child user role objects and their fields to be rolled up into the parent Account user role object. Currently these are accessible if you add connections between these objects, but that is confusing to know that you have to set that up and adds unnecessary work.

For example, I would like to add fields like an Image (photo of user) and a short text field (Nickname), bur currently I have to create connections between these fields to use these values in child user roles such as EMPLOYEE, MANAGER, RECRUITER, etc.

Another example: I would like to create a details view for the specific user role, and include the image field from the Account object.

Thanks for the Christmas present, Sam. I moved on but never put a solution in place. I'll give this a try. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great holiday. Charlie

Hi Charlie,

Not sure if have a work around or not, so I though I would share mine with the community.

I created a one-to-one connection between my role and account objects. I did this from the role object, so you will have to do this to each role I suppose if you have several to keep track of.

I then used an update import on my roles object to get my accounts/roles connected.

Last step was to add a form/record rule to my sign up form to create the link moving forward. This was applied to every record, set Account to logged in account.

If anyone else has a more efficient approach, please share.

Merry Christmas!