User Roles Question

In the Knack Builder under User Roles I have 'Accounts' which is a standard built in object. I also have two nested objects which are my two different 'Roles'.

New Accounts are created from the signup/registration process automatically. I have added a few extra fields that are populated during the registration process that I want to use later in my app.

I've noticed that if you assign an Account a specific User Role, it creates a record in that User Role object, but if you delete the record from the User Role object, it does not delete from Accounts. This tells me they are actually two different objects in the system which some sort of internal rules to update them.

My issue...

Utilizing these few additional fields the Account level... (The info is entered during the registration process). I've created a connection from Accounts to another object (Lot/Unit) so I can use this information. However, I cannot utilize "from the logged in User" feature within forms unless these new fields exist on the 'User Role' object.

What I really needs is true sync between non-standard fields on my Account and Role objects.


Not that I know of, since I have some extra fields added to the User Role that we show in the view to manage the users, and I believe that I couldn't reference those fields in the User Record from the Accounts Record..

Can you base your table view on Accounts and filter the data source on the User role (to exclude the Admin role?)

So, I have something along the same lines as above...

I have two different roles defined, Admin and User.. I've created a page for my Admin role to allow them to manage the User role to approve users, and to remove users.. That page has a table view on it, that shows the Users record.. One of the options on this table is to delete the user, which it does, but it leaves behind the record in the Account record. How can I remove that record when the Admin users clicks delete? If it's not removed, then if a user for example with the same email address attempts to create an account in the future, it says it's already in use.